Law Enforcement, Police Unions, and the FutureLAW ENFORCEMENT, POLICE UNIONS, AND THE FUTURE:
Educating Police Management and Unions About the Challenges Ahead
Authors: Ron DeLord and and Ron York

Paper ISBN: 978-0-398-09149-1
Ebook ISBN: 978-0-398-09150-7


For the past 40 years, the majority of law enforcement personnel could depend on regular salary increases, better health care and pension benefits while reaping the advantages of belonging to a police union that was learning how to gain and use political power. However, these peaceful and untroubled days are over. Police unions, despite their best efforts at the bargaining table, now find themselves preparing their members for layoffs, pay and benefit cuts, and more restrictive working conditions. Leaders are trying to fight back against the well-financed, organized efforts to weaken public sector unions, eliminate collective bargaining rights, end defined benefit pensions, and privatize the job. Police unions must change the way they do business if they want to survive. This book identifies how to mount an effective political campaign, the complexities of confrontations, and the reasons police union leaders succeed and fail. This book is divided into five primary parts, each of which explores the police union environment. Part I focuses on the myriad of police challenges, Part II examines police union power, politics and confrontation, Part III encourages police unions to embrace reforms, Part IV discusses the future of policing, and finally, Part V evaluates the national and international perspectives on the current issues that impact policing. Areas of discussion include police-involved shootings; stopping the growing racial divide between law enforcement and citizens; complex issues concerning body cams; how to use social media effectively; mastering a certain leadership style; changing the culture of unions; more diversity among leadership; and motivating membership. By following the superb analysis and creative ideas for solutions in this book, police union leaders, police management, law enforcement personnel, and policymakers will see a path to advancing the police profession.

Eternity at the End of a RopeEternity at the End of a Rope
Executions, Lynchings and Vigilante Justice in Texas 1819-1923
by Clifford R. Caldwell & Ron DeLord

ISBN 978-1-632930897
Sunstone Press, Santa Fe, NM, Published November 2015

Since 1819 over 3,000 souls found their personal ”eternity at the end of a rope” in Texas. Some earned their way. Others were the victim of mistaken identity, or an act of vigilante justice. Deserved or not, when the hangman’s knot is pulled up tight and the black cap snugged down over your head it is too late to plead your case. This remarkable story begins in 1819 with the first legal hanging in Texas. By 1835 accounts of lynching dotted the records. Although by 1923 legal execution by hanging was discontinued in favor of the electric chair, vigilante justice remained a favorite pastime for some. The accounts of violence are numbing. The cultural and racial implications are profound, and offer a far more accurate, unbiased insight into the tally of African-American and Hispanic victims of mob violence in the Lone Star State than has ever been presented. Many of these deeds were nothing short of morbid theater, worthy of another era. This book is backed up by years of research and thousands of primary source documents.

Texas Lawmen 1900-1940Texas Lawmen 1900-1940,
More of the Good and the Bad
by Clifford R. Caldwell and Ron DeLord



We are pleased to announce that Texas Lawmen 1900-1940, More of the Good and the Bad is due to be released by The History Press on or about September 14th, 2012. Compiling the information for the second volume of the Texas Lawmen series has been a daunting task. Volume II covers all of the Texas lawmen who died between 1900 and 1940.

The turn of the last century brought with it a subtle change and evolution in crime, driving a new era in law enforcement. The old percussion revolver gave way to the semi-automatic pistol and Thompson sub-machinegun. Motorcycles and automobiles replaced the horse. Telephones sped up communications and helped locate fugitives. Prohibition, the Great Depression and Dust Bowl brought new challenges for law enforcement. Nonetheless, in many ways crime in Texas remained unchanged. Texas Lawmen 1900 – 1940 is every bit as fascinating as the earlier book. It contains the names of many people who’s lives touched ours… during our own lifetime. Please check back to follow our progress.


Texas Lawmen 1835-1899Texas Lawmen 1835-1899,
The Good and The Bad
by Clifford R. Caldwell & Ron DeLord

ISBN 978-0-9842563-1-0
The History Press, February 2011
Signed Copies are available at CR Caldwell.

Organized law enforcement efforts in Texas began shortly before our Independence in 1836. From that point to today the tally of Texas lawmen killed in the line of duty is truly staggering. Ron DeLord and I have assembled a log of all of those brave souls who gave their lives in the service of our great state between 1835 and 1899.

Texas Lawmen 1835-1899 is a truly unique, dramatic and fascinating chronicle of Texas law enforcement. Never before has a book of this kind been created. It is the product if thousands of hours of research, conducted over a decade. Texas Lawmen 1835-1899 is not another cheap attempt at re-telling the story of a dozen popular peace officers. It is largely new, grass roots research focused on the little known heroes that most have never heard about.

Simply put, this book is a “must have.” It is a fascinating read. The book is a must for Texana collectors, researchers, historians, and families of the lawmen whose names are listed in the book.


Police Association Power, Politics, and ConfrontationPolice Association Power, Politics, and Confrontation: A Guide for the Successful Police Labor Leader
by John H. Burpo, Ron Delord, Michael Shannon

Hardcover: 332 pages
Publisher: Charles C Thomas Pub Ltd (October 1997)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0398068100
ISBN-13: 978-0398068103



Police Union PowerPolice Union Power, Politics, and Confrontation in the 21st Century: New Challenges, New Issues
by Ron Delord, John Burpo, Michael Shannon, Jim Spearing

Paperback: 335 pages
Publisher: Charles C. Thomas Publisher; 2 edition (Sept. 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0398078211
ISBN-13: 978-0398078218


Labor Management Relations Volume ILabor-Management Relations, Volume I & II

In October 2006 the U.S. Department of Justice COPS Office released two volumes on police labor management relations. The first volume offers police managers and union leaders a variety of perspectives and practical solutions for implementing change and making reforms, written by leading law enforcement labor and management leaders. The second volume is a guidebook that provides them with methods and tools to work more effectively together.

Volume I


Labor Management Relations Volume IIPDF for Two Volume Books Ron DeLord wrote for Dept. of Justice are available for FREE.

Users may print out the PDF of the book(s)


Volume II



The Ultimate SacrificeIn 2000, Ron DeLord was Editor-in-Chief of a coffee table book entitled, The Ultimate Sacrifice: The Trials and Triumphs of the Texas Peace Officer.