The Gospel According to DeLord & Public Safety Labor News to CLOSE

After 5 years of doing the blog entitled “The Gospel According to DeLord” and the newly named “Public Safety Labor News” I have decided to cease operations. The advent of copyright trolls sending out pay me or we will sue letters has made posting any newspaper article a risky business if a photo is embedded. The blogger may or may not see any copyright notice. I will be continuing my Twitter @RonDeLord and you can join me on Face Book at Ronald G. DeLord PLLC. I may be doing labor news updates soon through another police labor source. That is too be announced. My web site will continue to have updated labor information. If I can ever be of assistance to anyone please contact me.

You can go to to order a copy of my new police labor book with Ron York. “Law Enforcement, Police Unions, and the Future: Educating Police Management and Unions About the Challenges Ahead.”

Thanks to all of my subscribers for your loyalty.

Ron DeLord