“With the new urbanism and new standards that are taking place right now, including the Route 66 Landing, more and more you’re seeing the idea of going back to the way things used to be when Dr. Gilbert had his dental office there. That is in a neighborhood you had homes, you had service businesses, theoretically, all within walking distances,” Kruithof said.

An amendment to Miami City Ordinance No.1495 was approved defining a dilapidated building to reflect state law.

“Basically what this is, is in going through some of our processes dealing with dilapidated buildings we found that our ordinance is not in conformity with state law,” City Attorney Ben Loring said. “There are some significant differences and so basically this change brings us into conformity with the applicable state law.”

Along this line, more discussion was made on the proposed changes to the Miami City Charter, now in its final draft stage, to eventually be brought before residents for a vote next year.

Loring said he made redline changes from the last draft version and corrected typographical errors.

“If we get it to the form you all are satisfied with, we can do the resolution calling for the election, and start presenting this, and make sure both documents are in the final form by the next council meeting,” Loring said.