Calgary Police Chief calls for reforms to ‘outdated’ Police Act

Calgary police chief

Calgary Police Chief Roger Chaffin said he’s in talks with the government about making changes to what he believes to be an out-of-date Police Act.

“We find the time delays unreasonable and not serving the interest of employees, the public or the interest of policing,” he said.  “These are factors that I and the force are trying to address through the province and some contemporary forms of our Police Act.”

Minister of Justice, Kathleen Ganley, said she shares Chaffin’s concerns.

“I will work with my officials to look into the matter to understand whether and to what extent legislation contributed to the delay,” she said.

Chaffin said the current Police Act contradicts itself, making it difficult for the service to handle situations such as Braile’s in a timely and suitable manner.

He said the act “really ties your hands” when trying to deal with these situations appropriately.

“It’s just really not fair,” he added.

Ganley said she’s open to discussions about police service and public concerns.

“Input into policing from police services, police associations and the community is vital to ensure law enforcement can effectively protect Albertans and I will continue to listen to the issues they raise,” she said.

Chaffin said in his talks with Ganley and the ministry he has found them receptive to his concerns.