Baltimore Police Department wants to rehire its retirees


BALTIMORE —The Baltimore Police Department is looking to the past for help getting ahead of the violent crime increase that’s dominated most of the year.

The Baltimore Police Department is one of the largest in the country and is always recruiting to fill its ranks, but it has a new and different effort to pull former officers out of retirement.

In a letter sent Nov. 20, Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis cites what he calls the challenging time the city is facing and the need for more officers to join the fight.

However, the letter is not to new hiring prospects but to retirees; men and women who’ve served at least 20 years and have moved on to other things.

“I want to encourage former members of the BPD to consider returning to service with the Department. We need your help to continue the good strides we are making,” Davis said.

Davis writes the retirees must have left the department in good standing and he tries to sweeten the pitch.

“Returning members may, depending on variables including availability of position, resume service at their former rank,” Davis said.

That means they get to go back at the same pay level they left.