Ohio captain suspended after wearing pro-pot pin on uniform

Ohio Cpt pot pin

VERMILION, Ohio — A Vermilion police captain was suspended after he wore a pin in support of marijuana legalization on his uniform, FOX 8 reported.

Cpt. Michael Reinheimer posted a picture of the pin to Facebook and wrote that he stands behind his beliefs. The pin read “I support legalize 2016”, a reference to the initiative to legalize recreational and medicinal marijuana in the state. Voters rejected the Nov. 3 proposal.

Reinheimer wore the button above his badge while at a annual police auction on Saturday and was placed on administrative leave on Monday.

Mayor Eileen Bulan told FOX 8 that Reinheimer broke department rules by wearing the pin while in uniform.

Reinheimer asked for support from anyone who supports legalization in his Facebook post.

The photo has been liked over 4,000 times and shared over 5,000 times.