Police Association says ‘enough is enough’ as pay dispute drags on


VICTORIA’S police union has called upon Premier Daniel Andrews and the force to come to the table as members voted to head towards industrial action.

Police Association Victoria secretary Ron Iddles said the government had not put “one cent” on the table after five months of negotiations, describing the process as frustrating.

“Victoria Police and the State Government ought to hang their heads in shame,” he said.

“After five months enough is enough.

“My challenge to Daniel Andrews is to send someone to the table and negotiate.”

He told members that no amount of money could compensate what they do with the emergence of the ice epidemic, terrorism threat and proliferation of guns in our community.

Unprecedented security surrounded Festival Hall in Melbourne’s west where 2500 members voted unanimously to begin protected industrial action steps through Fair Work Australia.

Sen Sgt Iddles said the Police Association’s 5 per cent per year demand was “reasonable

and achievable” but it was willing to negotiate.

He also demanded Daniel Andrews be a man of his word and give police officers penalty rates for working public holidays alongside other workers.

Union officials were locked in negotiations until 5.30pm last night but could not strike a deal.

The current agreement expires on November 30.

If industrial action is approved work bans will include:

– POLICE cars with lights on parked near safety cameras for 15 minutes to dent government revenue;

– BANS on statistical information to Victoria Police, management or government;

– POLICE officers not appearing in County or Supreme courts unless by subpoena;

– A BAN on processing penalty notices (a ban on unpaid overtime).