Police Union to Possibly File Suit Against STL Police Department

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – The police union is looking to possibly file a lawsuit against the St. Louis Police Department, because of their decision to promote 19 officers. The officers will be pulled from street duty and placed into desk positions.

The department will promote four sergeants, six lieutenants, five captains, three majors and one lieutenant colonel.

President of the St. Louis Police Officer’s Association Joe Steiger says Chief Sam Dotson’s decision does not make sense. According to the Association, the department is currently 82 officers below its authorized staffing level of 1,032 officers.

“Under local control the department of the city were supposed to file the same rules that the department was already under in regards to promotions until they make such changes to those, which they haven’t done,” says Steiger.

Steiger says that retention is already an issue. He adds that only 21 new recruits are currently in the academy and they will not patrol for several months.

He adds that there are laws governing the promotional process and that they were not followed.