Law enforcement agencies launch “Pray for Police” campaign in Houston

HOUSTON, TX – The Houston Police Officers Union is offering a new way for Harris County residents to show support for law enforcement officers. Starting Wednesday at 6 a.m. at its headquarters on State Street, the group will start handing out “Pray for Police” wristbands to anyone who wants one.

“We would like for this to take over this country. Not just this city and this state, but this country,” said police union president Ray Hunt. Recipients of the band are asked to take a photo wearing it and share that photo on social media using the hashtag #P4P.

“Law enforcement needs prayers,” said Harris County district attorney Devon Anderson. “They need the prayers of our community. I think with Deputy Goforth’s death, there’s been an awakening in Harris County, in Houston and across the country of exactly what law enforcement does for us every single day.”

Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland told the crowd assembled for Tuesday’s announcement that he doesn’t subscribe to the idea of a ‘thin blue line.’

“Men and woman in law enforcement are the thick blue fabric that holds our communities and our society together,” McClelland said. “I think Deputy Goforth’s death has actually brought home the realization that men and women in law enforcement are human. They’re fathers, they’re mothers, they’re husbands, they’re wives and they come from our community.”

Houston Mayor Annise Parker also spoke, encouraging the community to embrace the campaign.

“If we join together – join our voices, join our prayers, join our hands –  we can make a difference,” Parker said. “Let it start here, let it start now, let it start in Houston.”