Create a New Police Force for America

There have been too many deaths at the hands of police in this country and as a nation state run police departments are shaming us to the world. We are a country of freedom, we are a country of acceptance of all people and we seek to spread those principles to other places in the world. But we can not do that with state level police killing Americans at a now alarming rate.

I propose we create a new police force and dissolve the police unions for good. You are probably thinking, “What is wrong with the unions?” The problem with the unions is they have spat in the face of victims families while knowingly and arrogantly protecting murderers from punishment. These unions are just as guilty as the bad officers they protect and can not be allowed to exist in America. Do they have a right to unionize? Yes, on a state level… but states have shown they can not control it and if left to the states it will go the way of prisons which are all held by CCA where profit off of incarceration is king not rehabilitation.

How will we do this?

1.Open recruitment centers along side military centers in cities across America.

2. Allow Americans, male and female, to enlist and serve their country as a part of the new police force. Minimum enlistment age should be 21, and here is the best part allow recruits to serve anywhere. So instead of having people serve in their own city they are given a broader view of people by serving all over this country. This will give them a broader view of the nation and developing that openness is the key to birthing a new police culture. There will need to be a new basic training for these police and I have notes on it but its too much to post here. The flow will be like the military, go to basic in one place and serve in another where ever you are needed. And the same will go for the job system…similar testing to the ASVAB to place candidates in the roles needed.

3. Previous police should not be accepted in this new force in its beginnings. And the reason is to grow the new culture from the ground up so there should be a 5 year waiting period before ANY prior service officer can enlist.

4. Introduce mandatory minimum federal sentencing for police found guilty of brutality. Make body cameras mandatory and control them remotely to where officers have no power over its function.

5. As an incentive to get recruits, offer a benefits package and student loan forgiveness for x amount of years service or a pay off percentage for x amount of time….either or but not both at once. Trust me, this will bring out A LOT of interested individuals.

These 5 things would be a start and the seeds of something great in the coming years.. Because unless we stand up to the current police culture in this country more people will die as a result of bad policing. So, I know most all of you watch the news, you see the hash tags, and have the heated talks about the issues. Now, is the time to sign on with this petition and make your voice heard that state level police have failed this nation, shamed us to the world and we aren’t going to have it anymore!