Central Coast police unions take action against the police chief

SEASIDE, Calif. –

Two Central Coast police unions want to oust Pacific Grove and Seaside Police Chief Vicki Myers.

On Monday, representatives from both unions also said there have been more shootings, drug cases and dozens of thefts in Seaside. Officers said crime is also increasing in Pacific Grove.

“We’re seeing way more property crimes,” said Carl Lafata with the Pacific Grove Police Officers’ Association.

Officers also said they can’t adequately patrol their respective cities because they are under staffed and work long hours.

“There are other officers looking to leave, just in the last several months. We’ve had three officers leave to neighboring agencies,” said Tony Snell with the Seaside Police Officers’ Association.

Both police unions want Chief Myers gone.

“This is essentially a unanimous decision by both POA’s. This isn’t, as she might try to play, as Chief Myers might play it off as the rantings of a disgruntled few,” Lafata said.

Chief Myers released a statement Monday night that said in part, “Change is always difficult. Policing today is different than it used to be, even from just a few years ago. I understand the frustration of our police officers. Providing police services in this modern period are difficult and often under-appreciated. There is no greater public scrutiny with greater accountability. In addition, due to staffing levels, the hours are often long and personnel cannot often always have the time off that they would like, or work the hours/days that they prefer. All of this can be very stressful for our police officers and police personnel.”

Myers also said the city of Seaside is working to address the issues and concerns despite the financial challenges.