Stockton police union leader criticized for running for Congress

STOCKTON – The Vice President of the Stockton Police Officer’s Association is questioning President Kathryn Nance’s commitment to the union after Nance announced that she will be running for Congress.

In a letter to other union members, Bill Hutto raised the issue of conflict.

“When [Nance] speaks to the public, is she speaking on behalf of the SPOA or as a candidate? When she makes decisions about support of other elected officials, is she thinking of the SPOA or her political campaign?” wrote Hutto.

Hutto also questioned a number of financial decisions by the current board. He said since the letter was intended for union membership, he wouldn’t answer questions.

Nance is in Washington this week for police memorial functions and said by phone she “welcomes anyone” to follow her during a typical day to see how much time she spends on police issues.

Nance is running as a Republican, and would likely face incumbent and Democrat Jerry McNerney if she is successful in the primary.