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Executions, Lynchings and Vigilante Justice in Texas 1819-1923
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Left to right - SAPOA Vice President Dean Fischer, SAPOA President Mike Helle and Chief Negotiator Ron DeLord
Back to camera - Jeff Londa, chief negotiator for City of San Antonio
Contract negotiations for San Antonio police were difficult and confrontational, but in the end the parties reached a new 5-year contract after 2-1/2 years. I was hired as the chief negotiator for the police association shortly after negotiations started in February 2014. The city had hired three outside management lawyers who came to play hardball. Negotiations went back-and-forth with no progress. SAPOA hired a media & political consultant to get its message out to the public and elected officials. During negotiations the mayor resigned to take a position in the Obama administration. The appointed mayor defeated a sitting state senator for mayor in a hotly contested municipal election. The Chamber of Commerce and various media outlets bombarded the police for not taking the city's concessionary proposals. The city's main bone of contention was that officers did not pay a premium for their dependents. The city's legal team sued after the police and fire contracts went into evergreen contending the 10-year evergreen was unconstitutional, but the police and fire associations won in state district court. The city appealed. The judge ordered mediation between SAPOA and the City. The parties reach a settlement agreement which was taken to a vote of the officers. A new contract was ratified by 72%-29%. The city council ratified the contract shortly thereafter.

The officers did not receive any wage increase but retained premium free dependent health insurance for budgets commencing October 1, 2014 and October 1, 2015. The five-year contract provided for a 3% lump sum bonus effective October 1, 2016; 3% effective October 1, 2017; 3% effective October 1, 2018; 3% effective October 1, 2019; 2% effective October 1, 2020 and 3% effective April 1, 2021. The new health insurance will have the option of a no cost high deductible consumer driven health plan and a city contribution of $1,500 to an officer's health savings account. Officer may chose a PPO health plan with low cost premiums for dependents. Officers can switch between the plans each year.

Laredo-POAI was honored to act as the chief negotiator for the Laredo Police Officers Association. After months of negotiations officers voted to ratify a new 4-year contract. The officers will receive a 3% raise October 1, 2016; 4% raise October 1, 2017; 2.5% raise October 1, 2018 and 2.5% raise October 1, 2019. LPD officers have one the best retiree health plans in the state. The city provides all officers health insurance at no costs while the officers are active and into retirement, including medicare supplement. Officers pay 50% of the costs for their dependents. Officers who work 20 years at LPD can purchase dependent health insurance and receive a subsidy from the Police Retiree Dependent Fund that on average covers 70% or more of the costs. The PRDF is funded by officers paying $25 per pay period during their careers. In the new contract officers will increase their contributions to the PRDF to $37.00 per pay period and add fifty cents each additional year. The bargaining unit covers about 480 officers.



Ron DeLord was a guest speaker at the Harvard Law School for the 18th annual Police Union Executive Leadership Conference. Police union leaders from throughout the US, Canada and Australia attended.

(L to R)Blake Birdwell, Austin Payne, Ron DeLord (Chief Negotiator), Joseph Crawford, Stefan Wilson and Brad Moore (President)

The Cedar Park Professional Firefighters Association voted 39-9 to ratify a new one-year memorandum of understanding with the City of Cedar Park. The agreement provides for a 1.75% across-the-board increase. Firefighters will also get step increases. The one-year extension came about because the City refused to agree to any of the Association's substantive proposals. As such the Association refused to agree to any City proposals. The parties will resume negotiations on a new contract in March 2016.


Corpus-Christi-POACorpus Christi deputy city manager and Corpus Christi POA President Scott Leeton shake hands on a proposed new four year contract.

 Ron DeLord served as the chief negotiator for the Association.


McKinney-Police-AssocRon DeLord was privileged to act as the chief negotiator, along with TMPA Executive Director Kevin Lawrence, for the McKinney Police Association. We successfully negotiated a new two year agreement that was ratified by a vote of 123 (83%) for, 21 (14%) against and 5 (3%) not voting. Pictured here are left to right:

MPA President Jose Quiles, TMPA Executive Director Kevin Lawrence, Board Members Rusty May and Tom Marci, Vice President Farrel Ritchie and Chief Negotiator Ron DeLord


McKinney Police Association Letter to Ron DeLord

Ron-in-Ontario-05252015Ron DeLord was invited to be the guest speaker at the May 25, 2015 Police Association of Ontario annual conference in Sudbury.

Ron's presentation was on how US police went from the heroes of 9-11 to welfare queens and racists. What can police associations do to adapt to this new reality?


Ron DeLord is the chief negotiator for
the Corpus Christi Police Officers Association. This is the first session on April 30, 2015.


Ron DeLord was privileged to be the guest speaker at the 84th Annual Conference of the Wisconsin Professional Police Assocation at Wisconsin Dells. His presentation was on “What Every Successful Police Association Leader Should Know”.


WPPA President Kevin Sorenson, me, NAPO Executive Director Bill Johnson and WPPA Executive Director Jim Palmer


Ron DeLord presented award by
 The Peace Officers Memorial Foundation


The Peace Officers Memorial Foundation (POMF) recognized Ron for his research of historical police deaths, his work in passing legislation to create the Texas Peace Officers Memorial, raising money for its construction and the memorial services.

De Lord...(has) always been in the forefront of law enforcement labor law and...consistently on the cutting edge of developing issues that affect law enforcement unions.

– Paul Roller, Executive Director Los Angeles County Professional Peace Officers Association, Star & Shield, Vol. 40 Issue 5, p. 5


Ron DeLord is recognized as one of the leading police union contract negotiators in Texas; an expert on police unions in US, Canada and Australia; author and lecturer on police union leadership, power, organization, media and political action in all three countries; and historian for various police memorials.

Ron DeLordRon DeLord was elected in 1977 to the first of ten three-year terms as president of the Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas (CLEAT), representing 18,000 members. He later served as executive director and special counsel to the executive director at CLEAT from 2008 to 2013. Prior to joining CLEAT, DeLord served as a police officer for the Beaumont (Texas) Police Department from 1969 to 1971 and the Mesquite (Texas) Police Department from 1971 to 1978.

DeLord attended the ten-week Harvard University Trade Union Program, in Boston in 1992. He received a B.S. degree in Government from Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas in 1971; an M.A. degree in Police Science and Administration from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas in 1982; and a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree from the South Texas College of Law in Houston in 1986. He has been a licensed Texas attorney since 1987.

Ron at CLEAT headquarters, Austin, TXDeLord is a guest faculty member at the Harvard Trade Union Program and the Police Union Leadership Seminar sponsored by the Labor and Worklife Program at the Harvard Law School. He has also served as a lecturer for the Police Labor-Management Executive Leadership Programs sponsored by the School of Labor and Industrial Relations and School of Criminal Justice at Michigan State University. He conducts seminars and lectures throughout United States, Canada and Australia.

This website includes an archive of Ron DeLord’s published articles. You may also download a Rand Corporation interview of Ron DeLord, large format photo, and Ron DeLord’s bio.

Harris County Deputy Sheriff Doug Hudson and Houston Officer David Freytag with Ron DeLord at the Sheriffs Association of Texas annual conference at the George R. Brown convention center in Houston,  promoting the Peace Officers Memorial Foundation, Inc. and Texas Lawmen 1835-1899, The Good and the Bad.

The Fallen Project ( is producing a documentary about the officers who have fallen in the line of duty. The production crews are police officers working under a grant to interview officers, families and the public about the impact of these deaths.  DeLord was interviewed by the Fallen Project and his involvement in the drafting to the legislation to create the Texas Peace Officers Memorial at the State Capitol in Austin. Ron formed the Peace Officers Memorial Foundation (POMF) to assist in the fund raising for the $1 million memorial that was dedicated in 1999. In addition, Ron has conducted research on more than 800 of the memorial's 1,822 names.

Twenty Australian police officers from New South Wales and Victoria came to Texas on May 3, 2012 to participate in the Ride for the Fallen on May 5 in honor of the men and women who have died in the line of duty. Ron DeLord and volunteers Randle Meadows (Arlington PD), Hans Marticuic (Houston PD retired) & J.J. Berry (Houston PD) led these officers to San Antonio, Hill Country, Fort Worth and Arlington until they departed on May 11.

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