Ron DeLord is recognized as a leading public safety union contract negotiator; an expert on police and fire unions in United States; and an author and lecturer on public safety union leadership, power, organization, media and political action. He specializes in assisting police officers, fire fighters and emergency service personnel and their associations, lodges and unions in sustaining their wages and benefits.

Police, fire and emergency services unions need to have effective strategies and training for today’s challenging times. There has been a paradigm shift by the public, media and elected officials in the United States from seeing our first responders as the “Heroes of 9-11″ to today’s attacks on first responders as ”welfare queens and racists.” The bedrocks of fair and equitable public safety wages, benefits and pensions are being eroded in virtually every state, county and city.

Does your organization need solutions and insights that will assist you in achieving your goals of representing your members? Often, no matter the depth of your individual experience and knowledge in your respective organization, you may not be viewed as a prophet in your own house. This is where expert advice and experience can assist you.

  • Contract Negotiator
  • Assistance with Team Training, Bargaining Preparation, or Goal Setting
  • Strategic Planning
  • Impasse Resolution
  • Re-Tooling your Organization for the Challenges Ahead
  • Constitution & Bylaws Review
  • Organizational Governance Changes
  • Media Relations & Press Conferences
  • Political Action
  • Leadership Development & Succession
  • Critical Incident Preparedness
  • Seminars, Board Retreats & Workshops
  • Effective No Confidence Votes & Morale Surveys

It is not always about reinventing the wheel; many times it’s about gaining outside perspective to facilitate the leadership objectives and goals of established organizations. If you agree and want to build a winning game plan to protect and improve your organization’s standing, please contact me.